Thursday, January 19, 2012

President Obama in Disney World today!

It’s official – President Barak Obama will be visiting Walt Disney World today, and (unofficially) we’ve got his schedule! Here’s what the POTUS will be doing at WDW:

1. Practice debating with his Audio Animatronic double in the Hall of Presidents.

2. Offering a federal bailout to Epcot’s Test Track.

3. Changing the name of the Mad Tea Party to the Tea Party That Maintains A Calm Exterior at All Times.

4. Improving foreign relations by drinking around the world in Epcot’s World Showcase.

5. Canceling the fake space program at Mission Space.

6. Making wisecracks about Mickey Mouse having pretty big ears.

7. Courting votes in southern states by sitting in with the Country Bear Jamboree.

8. Enjoying his much higher approval rating than Stitch’s Great Escape.

9. Calling our Space Rangers home after their lengthy war with Emporer Zurg.

10. Announcing his new strategy for improving the economy: wishing upon a star.


  1. Please note: President Obama actually DID make a crack about Mickey having bigger ears than him during his speech. Obviously he reads this blog.

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