Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun with Dumbo around the internet

Time to wrap up Dumbo month with a variety of fun little miscellany:

First, here's a lovely piece of Dumbo art by Disney legend Mary Blair:

If you thought Dumbo got teased a lot, imagine if he'd had two sets of big ears? Here's a bunny dressed as Dumbo from this post of animals in costumes:

You can waste a little time online playing this briefly-enjoyable Dumbo game from Disney.

Before researching Dumbo this month, I did not know there used to be a show on the Disney Channel called Dumbo's circus featuring costumed characters and puppets. In it, Dumbo is a teenager, can talk, and has apparently forgotten that he can fly without the magic feather. Here's the opening:

It looks kind of horrific, but also better than anything currently on the Disney Channel.

From the I-Don't-Get-It-But-I-Sure-Like-It Dept comes this picture of an unlikely team-up between Dumbo and The Thing of the Fantastic Four by Boramy on DeviantArt:

Let's give the last word to Uncle Walt. Here he is introducing Dumbo on the Disneyland television show, in which he calls it his favorite Disney movie:

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  1. The DUMBO piece you have attributed to Mary Blair is definitely not one of hers.