Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An open letter to Disney, re: Seal Team Six

UPDATE: Look - they listened to me!

Dear Disney,

Are you crazy? You've copyrighted the name Seal Team VI and will fight the Navy, the creators and trainers of the actual Seal Team VI for it? I imagine it would be possible for you to make a good chunk of cash exploiting the name Seal Team VI, the group that killed Osama Bin Laden. Apparently you're interested in selling T-shirts and games and whatnot. It could be very lucrative.

But... could that amount of money possibly be worth the ill will you'll generate with this exploitive cash grab? The Navy itself has decided to fight you for this. Here's my advice. Don't fight back. Give up. Let them have what is obviously theirs to begin with.

You have amazing lawyers, and no doubt they could put up a decent fight in the courtroom, but you will definitely lose the court of public opinion on this one.

I'm saying this, and I am obviously a huge fan. I love the work of your artists, both in film and theme park form. I love Disney so much that I have this blog all about your work, and I'm telling you this is a monstrously terrible idea. This is the kind of thing your absolute worst critics expect of you. Please don't prove them right. Please don't be evil.

If you're confused in the future, please consult with the nearest Cricket. Listen to him.

your concerned fan,

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