Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lucy in the Sky with Disney: Fantasia 1969

Maybe some of our younger readers don't realize this, but before Blu-Rays and DVDs we had VHS tapes, and before we had VHS tapes and could watch movies we purchased whenever we felt like it, studios (and especially Disney) would sometime re-release older movies back into the movie theaters.

When Disney re-released Fantasia in 1969, it became a fun outing for counterculture youth (also known as filthy hippies) to attend screenings in a state of altered consciousness (stoned).

I wondered how the wholesome Disney company felt about this. Did it bother them that one of their early works was now associated with illegal behavior or were they happy to get the money either way. Could they have even encouraged it?

Strangely, recent releases of Fantasia on Blu-Ray and DVD don't include the various versions of trailers that promoted the movie through the years (unlike pretty much any other animated feature in recent years). I couldn't even find the preview online. All I could really find was the 1969 theatrical poster:

Whoa. Trippy, dude.

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