Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun with Pinocchio around the web

Time to wrap up our month-long look at Pinocchio with some little bits of fun from around the web:

Let's start with this Youtube pianist who has proclaimed himself King of the Keyboard, performing a nice, jazzy piano cover of Give a Little Whistle:

Next up, Disney royalty appearing in a television relic, The Julie Andrews Hour. Here, an adorable young Julie appears as Pinocchio opposite Donald O'Connor as Gepetto doing a little song and dance:

Follow this link to see an adorable cartoon Pinocchio by artist Jerrod Maruyama (and you might want to check out Jerrod's site in general - several Disney characters appear in his delightful portfolio.

Speaking of adorable, here's a YouTube video of a baby unwittingly playing the role of a marionette while "I've Got No Strings" plays in the background. Pretty funny:

Here's another piece of art, this time an fanciful steampunk reimaginging of a robo-Pinocchio and mad-scientist Gepetto by Fabricio Moraes. Very cool:

You can read all about the creation of this piece and see more art from the process on this page.

A few years ago, I decided to dress up as Pinocchio supporting-character Lampwick. I thought it would be fun if the costume slowly changed throughout the night from a fully human Lampy to one that's on his way to transforming into a donkey. Here's several pictures:

And finally, here's Darren Criss performing Pinocchio and Disney's theme song, "When You Wish Upon a Star":

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