Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From the Movies to the Parks: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Inside Snow White's Scary Adventures.

Snow White's Scary Adventures was one of the opening-day attractions in the original park, though it was thoroughly-updated and reconfigured along with most of Fantasyland in 1983. This dark ride re-tells the story of the animated feature in the style of classic carnival spookhouses, with an emphasis on the movie's darker elements. Look for two great little touches: 1) The wicked Queen occasionally peers out to look into Fantasyland from the window above the ride's entrance. 2) Touch the brass apple in the attraction's queue and you'll hear the haunting cackle of the Old Hag.

Snow White's Grotto

Snow White's Grotto can be found just to the right of the entrance to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Listen closely, and you can still hear the echo of Snow singing "I'm Wishing" coming from the wishing well. Statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs adorn a nearby fountain and Snow herself can sometimes be found here greeting park guests.

Storybook Land Canal Boats is a quaint, peaceful boat ride during which you'll see miniature versions of settings and buildings from various Disney features. Among them is a dwarf version of the dwarf's cottage.

While there is, as of this writing, also a version of Snow White's Scary Adventures in Disney World's Magic Kingdom, it was recently announced that that attraction is very soon to be shut down and become, instead, a meet-and-greet location for the Disney princesses.

Concept art for the Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train

Nearby, an all-new attraction will be created called the Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train. This attraction will be part roller-coaster, part dark ride, and feature characters and music from the movie. It's expected to open sometime in 2013.

In Epcot's Germany pavillion, Snow White also has a dedicated meet-and-greet location, also themed to a wishing well.

The Candy Cauldron sign.

Care for an appple, dearie? Downtown Disney's Candy Cauldron is a confectionary selling delicious apples covered with a variety of sweets (poison is not available), themed to the old hag herself.

Want to meet Snow White and all seven dwarfs at the same time? You're best bet is attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Be ready to wait, though, as the line for this rare character interaction gets very long, very fast.

Tokyo Disneyland has it's own version of Snow White's Scary Adventures. Disneyland Paris does too ( though they call it Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains), along with their own Storybook Land Canal Boats. Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't have an attraction for this movie, but it does have a Snow White Grotto.

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