Monday, February 7, 2011

Acrobat's Legend comes to an end

I just learned that the Dragon Legends Acrobats, an ever-changing group of kids from China who have been performing amazing feats in Epcot's China pavilion since 1986 performed their last shows yesterday. No more tumbling, juggling, contorting, and flipping by adorable children to the delight of all.

While this isn't the biggest loss in Walt Disney World History (it's no closing Mr. Toad, Horizons, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, or the Adventurers Club), I'm sorry to see the kids go. Sure, no one planned a trip specifically to see them, they were the kind of additional surprise that delighted you when you first discovered them, and had you always on the lookout for them when you returned. Those are the kind of great little touches that can really add up and make a Disney vacation great.

The Dragon Legend Acrobats were remarkable little entertainers, and their incredible stunts never failed to put my jaw on the floor. Disney says that a different "culturally authentic" act will be taking their place. Here's hoping it's authentically entertaining too. The kids will be a tough act to follow.


  1. Me too! The kids' skills were amazing, but the small scale of the show made it quaint and made for a great connection with the performers. Plus knowing these were real kids who were really visiting from China made it feel like one of the truest embodiments of the World Showcase idea.

  2. And they occasionally scared you with their contraptions...