Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Oscar Noms: Great for Pixar, but how else did Disney do?

The 2011 Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and, unsurprisingly Toy Story 3 was the only Disney film with a solid showing on the list. Still, there were a few surprises.

Toy Story 3 becomes the third animated film nominated for the top prize of Best Picture, following Beauty and the Beast and Up (elite company to be sure, though it's not as hard to make the list as it was back in B&B's day. Last year the list of Best Picture contenders was expanded from five to ten). Other nominations for Toy Story 3 include Best Original Song for Randy Newman's "We Belong Together", Best Sound Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay. I'm not sure what Toy Story 3 was adapted from, but I'm guessing sequels must automatically go into this category as being extensions of the original.

It's also up for Best Animated Feature, the one it will almost certainly win. It's chances at the top prize of Best Picture are highly unlikely given the stigma still attached to animated features, and given that the animated feature category exists as a consolation. Never say never, but I'll be very surprised if I live to see the day a cartoon takes home the top prize.

I hear Mr. Pricklepants is very disappointed to not be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

The biggest surprise for me from today's nominations for me was that Tangled was NOT nominated for best animated feature. Especially since there can be up to five pictures nominated in this category, but only three made the list: Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, and Illusionist. Tangled shouldn't win the Oscar - certainly not over Toy Story 3, maybe not even over Dragon. I have yet to see Illusionist, but I loved director previous animated feature, The Triplets of Bellville. Still for Tangled to not even be deemed worthy of one of those empty slots seems like a real snub to me. Tangled did receive a single nomination: "I See the Light" is nominated for Best Song.

I suppose I must also mention that Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland received nominations for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Designs, though mercifully not for Best Makeup... or anything else. I hated the movie, but don't begrudge it nominations in these categories.

Tron: Legacy received a single nomination for Best Sound Editing.

Check out all the great Toy Story 3 Oscar campaign ads here

UPDATE: I forgot one! Pixar's Day & Night is up for Short Film (Animated).

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